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I am regularly approached by people wanting information about the family Pleijsier and /or relatives.
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Pleijsier genealogy

Currently I use to manage and keep the family tree current for the website the The Next Generation of Genealogy Teunis Pleijsier *1787Sitebuilding.
A current family tree assists in not only seeking out the past, but also to discover the present.
I work hard to add existing information to the website.

Source material
The large majority of the early research and compilation was done by Ego Pleijsier, The Hague. In the latter years of his life leading up to his death in 2003, I took over his research.
"La Bibliotheque Nationale," Paris; "Het Centraal Bureau voor Genealogie," The Hague;
"De Zuidhollandse Vereniging voor Genealogie 'Ons Voorgeslacht'," Rotterdam.
Additional empirical research was conducted via the internet.
Special thanks to Mia Akkermans and Jaap Plaisier. They have a gigantic file on their website, which is worth the time to visit.
I am grateful for their permission to add content, adaptations and anecdotes from their website onto my own.

Branches of Netherlands genealogy
La Bibliotheque Nationale in Paris is of the opinion that the family Plaisier arrived circa 1750 in the Zwijndrechtse Waard, spreading onward to IJsselmonde and its environs. Through research it was concluded that the cradle of the lineage Plaissier, du Pleissier, named Plaisier, is the South Western part of French Wallonië and the bordering Northeastern part of Picardië, France. Around the period of 1573-1575 some households of the Protestant branch of the lineage du Plaissier immigrated to Zeeland, more precisely to the region called Ter Goes. Afterwards a majority of family members left for Rijerswaard and Zwijndrechtswaard, particularly to Rijsoord near Dordrecht. The interweaving course of the family has been discovered. It will take several years to chronicle and justify the exact genealogical history.

Assuming that the origin of their lineage also resides in the Westhoek of Flanders, some historical insight is, however, necessary.
Many books have been written and have appeared concerning iconoclasm, forest dwellers, and religious quarrels. Many inhabitants left the region and moved to England and the Northern provinces. Many were partisans of the "new religion," but there were those who had lost their property and goods, leaving for economic reasons. For dozens of years the country was left uncultivated and the villages entirely empty. Plundering gangs
made living impossible. The few people who stayed behind, departed to the reinforced cities to await better times. Still, not everything is clear concerning our namesakes during that time; it is very confusing. Some examples: in 1579 David Plaisir changed his domicile from Protestant Zierikzee to live in Antwerp as a good catholic. In 1607 Henrick Pleijtsier married (Protestant) as "j.m. of London" in Bergen op Zoom. The catholic friar Nicolas Plessier rendered spiritual assistance to the condemned persecutors. Jehan Pilizere and Guillaime Pilizere had their goods forfeited. Jehan Pilizere was also banished.
[Source: M. Akkermans & J.A. Plaisier]

The development and rise of Rijsoord is due, in large part to the devotion of Gerard Allowijnszone, first Lord of the Manor. He succeeded rather quickly, in obtaining important privileges from the Counts, so that Rijsoord became a better place for its citizens to live than in other areas in the Zwijndrechtse Waard. The church of Rijsoord (1334-1336) was the first in the Waard. Around 1395 there were already 4 more, namely Henric Yen kerc (Hendrik Ido Ambacht); Heykerc (Heerjansdam); Oudelans kerc (Heer-Oudelands Ambacht) and Ecclesia Danielis (Kijfhoek). A year later Doevelskerc (Grote Lindt) is also mentioned and in 1450 the 't Feer (Zwijndrecht). Since 1339 Rijsoord was allowed to have a weekly market and even 2 free annual fairs. In 1594, Matthijs Nederhoven, member of an escaped shrievalty from Maaseik, bought the manor of Rijsoord.

From a communication in 1590 it becomes clear that this was a dry and hot summer. The lock guard of Oostendam had to keep the lock open for 3 weeks, to be able to get some water in the Waal. This was due to the fact that the landholders had no water for their animals. How hot this summer was becomes clear from the fact that some workers - during repair of a breakwater - in the inn "De Seven Sterren" in the Lindt, drank about 3½ kegs of beer, paid for by the municipality.
[Book: "Het Hoogheemraadschap van de Zwijndrechtse Waard 1331-1955, F. Jorissen.]

Names were phonetically noted, according to conjecture or pronouncement. Mostly because the person involved was unlettered, and was unable to spell his own name as well as understand what was written down. Dialects, foreign accents and negligent translations from deeds, played a large role in the incorrect spelling of a name. For this reason the differences in writing of the name Pleijsier, it went more as "it sounds like…"

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